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iguana tanks

Housing a Pet Iguana

Taking care of an iguana is not just a walk in the park. It entails making sure they are fed, bathed, and have decent, comfortable living quarters. Many people have taken a liking to these pets, but are not fully aware of the type of iguana care that is needed. Housing is a big part of an iguana’s lifestyle once they are brought home from the pet store, and taken out of their natural habitat. It is not just food and water that the iguana needs. They also need somewhere to sleep and rest, and play and roam.

A cage is needed to house an iguana. It is not advisable to just let the pet roam around freely in the home. The cage has to be large enough for room to grow and to do other things. Although the iguana doesn’t cost tons of money, the cage and necessary upkeep of the pet does. The cage should be the right size, but have room for the pet to move around. An iguana grows fast, so buying a cage or tank every few months is probably not the most cost effective.

Iguana care involving its housing is definitely a must as all living things need somewhere to live. But care must be taken if there are small children around, or even other pets, not to mention adults too. If an iguana is housed in a meshed dwelling, sooner or later as they grow, it will be able to tear through the mesh with its nails and possibly get away and into things around the home. This is very dangerous for the iguana as well as any one else in the home. Take caution to not use a mesh that will enable the iguana to get away, or get out of the tank. This can be costly in many ways for the owner.

Iguanas are peaceful creatures and they prefer silence rather than boisterous noises. Try to keep the pet away from crying babies, loud noises such as the radio, or other noises that can distract and make the iguana feel uncomfortable. There should be a place already thought out to house the iguana. It needs to be in a lit area, but not too bright. Try to not have the pet isolated. As no one likes to be isolated, this goes for humans as well as pets. This is important information to know about iguana care and how they live. A happy iguana is a healthy iguana.

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